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Serving 13 Agencies on Florida’s Suncoast!

The Police Applicant Screening Service (PASS) screens, tests, and investigates applicants for law enforcement training and employment consideration for the 13 law enforcement agencies of Pinellas County. PASS is located at the St. Petersburg College Allstate Center, and although not part of the college, works in unison with the college for student application to the police academy.

PASS was created in 1975 through a legislative act initiated by the Pinellas Police Standards Council (PPSC) to provide for a centralized screening facility to advance the professional continuity of law enforcement candidates within Pinellas County.  PASS was the first regional assessment center for law enforcement applicants in the state of Florida and the legislature has since expanded the services of PASS to allow screening of other public safety applicants, such as Communications Workers, Firefighters and Paramedics.

PASS is the primary point-of-contact for applicants wishing to attend the open enrollment Law Enforcement Academy or the open enrollment Corrections Academy. The Sheriff of Pinellas County or any Chief of Police within Pinellas County may also direct applicants to PASS for background screening. PASS also performs Equivalency of Training verification, Florida Inactive Officer Re-certification verification and agency requested Telecommunications background screenings.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide indispensable background investigations of public safety applicants for employment consideration within the Pinellas County law enforcement community.  

Police Applicant Screening Service (PASS) LAW ENFORCEMENT Process

The PASS process is a unified pre-employment screening process operated by the 13 law enforcement agencies of Pinellas County, Florida. The distinct advantages of this process include:

1. A single application is available to all 13 agencies.
2. You avoid many redundant background-screening steps and visits.
3. The mix of small, medium and large agencies provides you with a variety of career opportunities.
4. Since these agencies together have over 1700 law enforcement officer positions, selection through PASS is continuous.

For a detailed description of the processing standards and steps required, please click on the icons below:

Applicant Information Package (AIP) Word Document

Please read first as the package contains applicant eligibility and processing step requirements.

PASS Process

  • Registration hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • To expedite the registration process, we recommend applicants call ahead to schedule an appointment date/time to reduce possible waiting time.
  • Please contact by phone at Ext. 1 or email  with Jennifer Chen to confirm an appointment. Please read the AIP before scheduling an appointment.

PASS utilizes the Peace Officer Background Investigative Tracking System (POBITS) to obtain candidate personal history information and other investigative requirements. POBITS is a secure web base program that requires candidates to have computer internet access. Candidates will be provided login admission to POBITS at the time of onsite registration. Our staff will provide a detail overview and instructions on the use of POBITS. Candidates will be given 10 days to fully complete the Personal History Statement within POBITS.

The Pinellas County law enforcement agencies have immediate access to candidate information within POBITS. 


In partnership with St. Petersburg College, PASS provides the background screening service for all open enrollment applicants wishing to attend the corrections academy. Interested applicants must meet the collegiate student requirements prior to PASS consideration. The corrections PASS Process parallels the law enforcement process, with some minor exceptions (listed within the Applicant Information Package), adhering to the same governing principles and procedures denoted within the PASS Process above.

Exemption of Training (EOT) Process

As an out-of-state law enforcement or corrections officer, correctional probation officer, or federal law enforcement officer seeking employment in the State of Florida, or if you were formerly certified in Florida as a law enforcement officer you may request an exemption from some basic level training courses. In order to qualify your break in service can be no more than eight (8) years.

PASS offers an Equivalency of Training (EOT) review service. You must submit documentation of your law enforcement/corrections employment and training for an Equivalency of Training review. Documentation must reflect one (1) year, full-time prior law enforcement/corrections officer experience and successful completion in all of the minimum primary training areas.

For a detailed description of the EOT verification process and steps required, please click on the icons below:

EOT Process

PLEASE NOTE:  Once your Form 76 has been approved you will have one year, and no longer, to take a proficiency course AND pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). St. Petersburg College offers both the proficiency course and the SOCE If you do not complete the training and pass the SOCE within the 1-year period, you may apply for another exemption from training, but you must be eligible pursuant to Chapter 943.131(2) at the time of application. PASS will work with you on timing the approval of the Form 76 to coordinate with the course you will take. This will give you the most time to prepare for the SOCE and any necessary re-takes.

Florida Officers Reactivation Process

If you are already a Florida certified law enforcement or correctional officer and your certification has been “Inactive” less than eight (8) years (as measured from the separation date of your last employment as an officer in Florida), you may be eligible to reactivate your certification through this program.

For a detailed description of the Florida Officers Reactivation verification process and steps required, please click on the icons below:

Reactivation Process

Florida Reactivation Instructions

  • Registration hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • To expedite the registration process, we recommend applicants call ahead to schedule an appointment date/time to reduce possible waiting time.
  • Please contact by phone at Ext. 1 or email  with Jennifer Chen to confirm an appointment. Please read the instructions before scheduling an appointment.

What PASS Does Not Perform:


Successful completion of the PASS background and screening process does not guarantee employment as a law enforcement officer or corrections officer, nor does it guarantee an employment interview. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit applications to the appropriate human resources office to each agency of interest, if that agency accepts applications directly. Agency recruiters regularly review open applicant files and may choose to contact selected applicants directly; however, PASS participating agencies are under no obligation to contact any particular applicant. Applicants are encouraged to contact the agencies of interest to them and arrange for tours, ride-a-longs, and meetings with recruiters as the agency permits.



The development of this website has been a collaborative effort to provide crucial and relevant material necessary for public safety seeking professionals to make an informed decision on career and living opportunities within the Tampa Bay Area. We have strived to make the browsing of this website self-guiding and all inclusive but do not hesitate to contact our staff directly at PASS as they will be glad to assist any of your needs.  Thank you for visiting our website.