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Basic Abilities Test (BAT)

Also known as FBAT or CJBAT

What is BAT:

The Florida Basic Abilities Test (FBAT) is designed to measure basic abilities required for basic recruit training programs, employment in law enforcement-related occupations, and military recruitment.

Applicants are required to take and pass this exam prior to the law enforcement academy entrance. As part of the PASS Process, Applicants are required to take and pass this exam to successfully complete the PASS Background Investigation and gain PASS POOL status.


Effective July 1, 2022, veterans [defined by FSS 1.01 (14)] or persons awarded an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university are not required to take the BAT. 

If an Applicant has already taken/passed the BAT (within a four-year time period – confirmed through ATMS), they are excluded from this requirement.

PASS applicants maintaining active Florida Law Enforcement Certification or having successfully completed an FDLE approved EOT/Florida Re-Certification verification are by PPSC Standards excluded (waived) from taking the BAT as a requirement of the PASS Process. However, Council-affiliated agencies retain the authority to require any testing procedure to be performed as part of their individual agency employment.

TESTING Information

  • The St. Petersburg College Allstate Center offers the BAT
  • Applicants should  contact the college directly
  • Students/Community Members seeking to schedule the BAT exam should select Saint Petersburg College as the Test Center
Allstate cadets

Law Enforcement Applicant Process

Applicants are exposed to an extensive background screening process that, upon successful completion, will place them in an eligibility pool (1 year) for hire within the Pinellas County Law Enforcement community.

Exemption From Training (EOT) Process

PASS is authorized by FDLE to provide verification of employment and training of out-of-state, corrections, federal, or former Florida law enforcement officers seeking employment in the state of Florida.


For new career applicants, PASS, in partnership with St. Petersburg College, provides the background screening service for all open enrollment applicants wishing to attend the corrections academy. 

Telecommunications Applicant PROCESS

For new career applicants that are looking to get involved as a 911 dispatcher, PASS, in partnership with St. Petersburg College, performs a criminal history check for all open enrollment applicants.