Marshal Rube Jones

In Memory of Marshal Rube Jones

August 27, 1921

Marshal Jones Badge and images

City Marshal Ruben T. Jones was born in Tarpon Springs in 1873. He was elected marshal for twelve straight one-year terms beginning in 1906. History says he was a no-nonsense law officer. He survived a gunfight during which he reportedly shot and killed a rival for his job. After being acquitted for this shooting, Jones was re-elected. Marshall Jones was on a hunting trip in the Weeki Wachee Springs area. Jones and a friend went to town on the afternoon of August 27, 1921, leaving their wives at the camp. When he did not return that evening, the campers went looking for him. They found the two men shot to death in their truck. Jones’ body was reported to have 50 buckshot holes. The crime was never solved and no motive was ever known.

The badge worn by Marshall Jones was fashioned by a local artisan from two $20 gold pieces. It was worn by succeeding police chiefs in Tarpon Springs until it was retired in 1967. It remains on display in Tarpon Springs today.