EOT Steps

Step 1: Complete EOT Application

Complete the EOT Application Revised 1-2021mw. To qualify, your employment records must establish that you were employed as a full-time (40 hours per week) sworn officer (authorized to bear arms and make arrests), either by working for a single agency for one full year, or for a cumulative twelve full months at two agencies within an eighteen-month period. Qualifying employment cannot include time spent in an academy, even if you were receiving pay while attending. There cannot be more than an 8-year gap from the end of your most recent qualifying employment to the submission of your complete EOT Application. Formerly certified Florida officers with more than four (4) but less than eight (8) years of separation of service must also complete the EOT process.

Employments that typically do not establish EOT qualifications are seasonal, part-time, reserve (civilian or military), volunteers, military security forces, military vessel-boarding teams, etc. The addresses you provide must be complete and must be for the specific office that is authorized to provide verifications for training or employment. The application must be notarized. We verify all qualifications.

Step 2: Execute FDLE Release of Information Waiver

Execute the waiver we need to verify your training and employment, FDLE “Authority For Release of Information” CJSTC-058-5-2021 PASS.  This waiver must also be notarized. Note: This form takes a few seconds to download as you can complete the form online. If this documentation is missing, your application will not move forward.

Step 3: Attach All Training Documentation

Attach all documentation (course curriculum and certificate of completion) showing that you completed training in all the required subjects listed below for your discipline (law enforcement or corrections). This training may be from your employer, an accredited college, or a certified state, local, or federal training academy. Our evaluation is a careful comparison of your training with Florida standards. Please provide a detailed curriculum(transcripts)valid at the time you received your training.These are the EOT subject areas to be evaluated:

Florida Law Enforcement Academy Comparable Training Pursuant to Rule 11B-35.009(3)(a), F.A.C.

  • *Legal
  • *Interactions in a Diverse Community
  • *Interviewing and Report Writing
  • *Patrol (Including Fundamentals, Calls for Service and Critical Incidents)
  • *Criminal Investigations (Including Crime Scene and Courtroom)
  • *Traffic Stops
  • *Traffic Crash Investigations
  • *Vehicle Operations
  • *First Aid or Equivalent
  • *Firearms
  • *Defensive Tactics

Florida CMS Correctional Comparable Training Pursuant to Rule 11B-35.009(3)(b), F.A.C.

  • *Legal
  • *Communications
  • *Officer Safety
  • *Facility and Equipment
  • *Intake and Release
  • *Supervising in a Correctional Facility
  • *Supervising Special Populations
  • *Responding to Incidents and Emergencies
  • *First Aid or Equivalent
  • *Firearms
  • *Defensive Tactics

Employment Documentation:

Employment documentation must include proof of employment as a certified law enforcement officer for a minimum of one (1) year in a full-time capacity, EXCLUDING TIME ATTENDING A BASIC ACADEMY.

If you have only one (1) year of full-time experience, it can be accumulated from no more than two (2) agencies in an eighteen- (18) month period.

Written documentation from your employer(s) must include:

  • *exact dates of full-time employment(start date and end date)
  • *position title(agency photo ID’s will not be exacted for this document.)

Training Documentation:

Written documentation from your employer or law enforcement training academy must include:

  • *The training curriculum for the basic law enforcement training academy you attended(official transcripts).
  • *A list of the in-service training courses you attended.A list of the advanced training courses you attended.
  • *Diploma/certificate from basic recruit training (not required for in-service or advanced training).

NOTE: We will send for all verifications.  All employments and training verification documents must be on official letterhead or forms with original ink signatures of the certifying authority, sent directly from the employer/academy to PASS. We do not accept verification forms sent from the applicant.  Official transcripts must have the appropriate seal affixed. Copies of certificates will be accepted with accompanying official transcripts. The equivalency evaluation will not proceed unless complete documentation is submitted. Originals will be returned to you after we make copies.

Training from NYPD Please visit


Step 4: Attach Personal Information:

*Enclose a copy of a picture ID, preferably a driver’s license.

*Enclose a copy of your social security card.

If you have had a name change (your name is now different from the training or employment records), then you must enclose a copy of the court order or marriage certificate that changed your name.

Step 5: Submit Application Fee -(MONEY ORDER ONLY)

In order to initiate an equivalency evaluation, you must submit an application fee of

  • $300 for out-of-state officers
  •  $50.00 for inactive Florida-certified applicants(this only applies to Florida Officers)

A money order made payable to the Pinellas Police Standards Council (Personal checks and cash will not be accepted). ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Be sure to clearly print your own name on the money order in the space provided.

Step 6: Mail or Bring All Required Items to PASS

  • Mail or bring all the above to:
  • Police Applicant Screening Service
  • SPC Allstate Center – Suite 135
  • 3200 34 Street South
  • St Petersburg FL 33711-3829

What Comes Next: PASS conducts the curriculum evaluation and if you qualify, submit it to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). When your evaluation is complete, we will send you the CJSTC-76 form. You will then have 365 days from the date you receive that form to complete High Liability Proficiency Training* required for your discipline (law enforcement or corrections) and pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). *This training can be completed at an approved training center such as St Petersburg College, where PASS is located.

Please review the Equivalency Checklist -Worksheet before submitting the package.


Please do not hesitate to call our office (727-864-3822) and/or refer to EOT Frequently Asked Questions.