The PASS process is a unified pre-employment screening process operated by the 13 law enforcement agencies of Pinellas County, Florida. The distinct benefits of this process include:
  1. A single application is available to all 13 agencies.
  2. You avoid many redundant background-screening steps and visits.
  3. Very competitive salary and benefits.
  4. The mix of small, medium and large agencies provides you with a variety of career opportunities.
  5. Since these agencies together have over 1700 law enforcement officer positions, selection through PASS is continuous.


All applicants seeking admission to the PASS employment pool must complete the assessment process. Applicants that successfully complete the assessment process are subject to agencies interview and post-assessment screening process.

Registration and orientation to the background process is performed onsite. Please read the Application Information Packet (AIP) AIP December 2019 for specific qualifications, fees, processing steps, documents, etc.. required for pool candidacy.

PASS uses the Peace Officer Background Investigative Tracking System (POBITS) for the completion of candidate personal history information. POBITS is a secure web base application program that requires candidates to have access to a computer terminal and internet.

Candidates will be granted access to POBITS at the time of the applicant’s personal appearance for PASS registration. Candidates will have ten days to fully complete the POBITS Personal History Statement. The attending staff member, performing the registration, will provide a detailed overview and instructions for the use of POBITS to the candidate.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the PASS process
  • For information about becoming a law officer or corrections officer, visit St. Petersburg College’s You must contact the college directly to register or ask questions about tuition, schedules and other college requirements.