Keith Bergstrom Scholarship

The Keith Bergstrom Scholarship was created by the council in memory of the late Keith Bergstrom, who served as Chief of Police in Tarpon Springs, Florida from October 1987 until his death in May 1993. Chief Bergstrom strongly believed in the goals of equal opportunity and diversity in law enforcement services. Each year the council may award one or more scholarships to commemorate his efforts and encourage students preparing for a career in law enforcement. The following procedures are used for awarding the scholarship.

(1) The amount of each such scholarship will be at least $250, but not more than $500.

(2) Scholarships may be awarded for enrollment in the Police Academy or Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree programs at St. Petersburg College (SPC). Proof of eligibility for enrollment is required.

(3) Recipients of scholarships for enrollment in the SPC degree program will be selected from the graduating students of the Criminal Justice Magnet Program at Pinellas Park High School. Selection will be based on the Magnet Program Department Chair’s assessment of overall scholastic effort and intention to pursue a career in criminal justice.

(4) Payment may be made to the individual or to SPC.

(5) Application for a scholarship must be made to the council between January 1st and April 15th each year using the prescribed form. Scholarships will be awarded during the following May or June.

Past Recipients of Keith Bergstrom Scholarship

1999 Scholarship Recipients– Samora Oliver and Justin Kocak

1998 Scholarship Recipients

group johnson
(From left to right)
Chief Michael Egger, PPSC Chairman, Sheriff Everett Rice; Max Loden, Assistant Principal of Pinellas Park High School; Lewis Dees, Magnet School Student; Gregory Horton, Magnet School Student; Derick Johnson, Police Academy Student; and J.C. Brock, SEPSI Director
(From left to right)
Chief Michael Egger, PPSC Chairman, presents the award to Derrick Johnson, Police Academy Cadet, while Lewis Dees, Magnet School Student observes.
dees horton
Chief Michael Egger, PPSC Chairman, presents the award to Lewis Dees, Magnet School Student. Chief Michael Egger, PPSC Chairman, presents the award to Gregory Horton, Magnet School Student.